One App to Replace Them All

With Harmonize, students gain a more cohesive, unified online course experience. Instructors spend less time training and more time teaching, using tools that share a user interface paradigm – all while institutions consolidate the high costs of using disparate tools.

Let’s see how Harmonize compares to other well-known tools.

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plagiarism detection icon FeedbackFruits

Focuses on assessment, feedback, and annotation to build engagement. It has a formal, rigid assignment structure.

Compare it to Harmonize.

student facilitation icon Packback

Focuses on inquiry-based discussions and grading for participation.

Compare it to Harmonize.

student facilitation icon Yellowdig

Focuses on discussion boards and provides capabilities related to online discussions.

Compare it to Harmonize.

student annotation icon GoReact

Focuses on video creation and annotation to build engagement. Compare it to Harmonize.

reactions & tagging icon Perusall

Focuses on social annotation to build engagement and community online.
Compare it to Harmonize.

reactions & tagging icon Hypothesis

Focuses on social annotation to build engagement and community online.
Compare it to Harmonize.

Q&A Boards icon Piazza

Focuses on Q&A style forums, and has major LMS integration and user interface differences.
Compare it to Harmonize.

polls icon Poll Everywhere

Focuses on gathering live polling results in synchronous classrooms where students don’t use the LMS.

Compare it to Harmonize.

student facilitation icon Pronto

Focuses on real-time one-on-one and group messaging in courses.
Compare it to Harmonize.

student annotation icon VoiceThread

Focuses on video annotation with time-stamped commentary.
Compare it to Harmonize.

Using countless tools and logins is ineffective, confusing & expensive.

We have a better way.

One App to Replace Them All

Online Discussions

Multimedia discussion tools help students contribute in ways that feel familiar and natural.


Assess comprehension and knowledge with polls that engage the whole class

Video, Image & PDF Annotations

Provide interactive feedback and help students engage more deeply with content

Q&A Boards icon Q&A boards

Let students answer each others’ questions with public boards


Enable students and instructors to communicate privately or in groups

rich multimedia icon Rich multimedia

Help students express themselves by posting images, video, audio, or text

flag icon Milestones

Help students see what’s expected of them, and when, so they make substantive, on-time contributions

student annotation icon Streamlined grading

Save time for instructors with LMS gradebook integration and autograding

Student facilitation

Give students control of discussions with tools that encourage them to contribute.

reactions & tagging icon Reactions & tagging

Improve participation with tools that bring everybody into the conversation

Plagiarism detection

Integrate Harmonize with your plagiarism software to auto-detect unoriginal content


Increase student engagement with all the tools you need in one place, without
increasing your workload

Students want more ways to express themselves to peers — but adding dozens of new apps isn’t the solution. With Harmonize, you can encourage more frequent and thoughtful engagement with a complete set of modern online discussion & collaboration tools, directly integrated with your LMS.

Vibrant, multimedia grid-like discussion boards in Harmonize.
Chat and polls

Provide every student with a way to participate.

Encourage more vibrant and frequent discussions by giving students multiple pathways to participate, including text, video, and audio posts. Use annotations to provide richer feedback and facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Instructors can also spark new conversations using chat, polls, and Q&A boards.


Streamline grading, communications, and analytics.

Eliminate tedious tasks and help instructors identify students who need support.

From plagiarism detection and LMS gradebook integration to autograding, Harmonize saves hours of valuable time for instructors. Use Engagement Insights to see which students are excelling — and which ones are struggling. Then, use 1:1 chat, polls, annotation and Q&A to actively engage students — all in one place.

University of Michigan Logo

“We decided to use Harmonize because we wanted to provide more collaborative and flexible learning tools for students. Plus, with Harmonize, we can see which students are progressing towards goals, which are actively participating, and which have dropped off in engagement. These kinds of insights help empower our instructors to trust and take action on their gut-feelings about which students are in trouble.”

emily ravenwood headshot Emily Ravenwood Manager, Academic Technology Consultants
Harmonize integrates
with the tools you use today

You can integrate Harmonize with any major LMS — meaning students and instructors will only need to remember one LMS login to access every communication tool. Plus, Harmonize feels so familiar to instructors and students that there’s virtually no learning curve.

If you use plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin or Unicheck,
Harmonize integration is seamless and easy to set up.

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These institutions got Harmonize and never looked back
10 x

increase in student-to-student collaboration

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56 %

increase in student engagement

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100 %

of instructors satisfied with discussions

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“Harmonize gave our faculty all the extra things that they couldn’t do with previous tools and that made all the difference for student engagement. Better integrations, easier grading, rich multimedia and video discussions got both our instructor and students more engaged across the board.”

Claudette Fuller Headshot Dr. Claudette Fuller Instructional Designer