Online Teaching Tools

Let instructors focus on teaching

Eliminate tedious tasks for instructors and make it easier to identify students who need support.

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Manual administrative work takes valuable time out of instructors’ schedules.

Harmonize gives instructors that time back

Make grading easier

Harmonize automatically passes feedback and grades back to the LMS gradebook, which saves instructors’ time. With autograding for participation and a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of student performance, instructors can stop digging through discussions to evaluate performance and calculate points.

Automate plagiarism detection

No more manual plagiarism checks or guesswork! Harmonize seamlessly integrates with your plagiarism detection application, so instructors can monitor posts for originality more easily. Students can also view the originality report so they have an opportunity to revise content that doesn’t reflect original work.

student engagement insights

Monitor engagement and respond to RSI guidelines more easily

Engagement Insights show instructors how much — and how well — students engage with course content and one another. These tools make it easy for instructors to see when a student is at risk, not to mention comply with RSI guidelines for online instructor interactions.

These features are designed to maximize engagement. And they do.

Streamlined grading

Get all the info you need about student performance in one place. No more poking around the LMS to see whether students posted or commented.

plagiarism detection icon Autograding

When students contribute to discussions, they automatically receive points according to the instructor’s specified grading system.

LMS gradebook integration

Enjoy total integration with your LMS gradebook. Harmonize sends grades and comments to the gradebook, so instructors don’t have to perform duplicate work.

Plagiarism detection

Integration with tools like Turnitin and Unicheck ensures instructors never have to manually verify the originality of students’ contributions.

Engagement Insights

Get a clear picture of student engagement. A comprehensive set of metrics helps instructors gauge performance and identify students who need help.

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Auto-grading provides me with a baseline for student performance. That helps me focus on what they are contributing to discussions so that I can adjust their grades according to the quality of their responses.

Ryan S. Ades Director of Experiential Education & Assistant Professor, Manchester University