About Harmonize

Since 2008, we’ve worked closely with educators to understand and solve the unique and complex problems they face every day.

The Harmonize Story


42 Lines began as a custom development shop for higher education. From advisor dashboards to faculty training tools to art school locker rentals, we collaborated with educators and administrators to build custom software that solved specific — and unique — problems.


After developing deep, focused expertise in various areas of higher education, we noticed a big problem in the realm of online course discussions. There was a large gap between the kinds of discussion instructors wanted students to have online and the kind of discussions that happened. In response, we began work on a suite of LMS enhancements designed to boost engagement.


Harmonize was born. Now every higher education institution has a tool they can plug into their LMS to improve online collaboration and discussions. Harmonize helps instructors connect with students, encourage spirited conversations, and build an inclusive learning community where every student can contribute.

2022 + Beyond

All types of higher education institutions are using Harmonize to enhance the overall learning experience for students and instructors. Our team works directly with educators every day to break down barriers that prevent students from collaborating with their peers.

Meet our Founders

We’re experienced tech & business pros who care deeply about higher ed.

Clint Popetz Chief Technology Officer
Marcus Popetz Chief Executive Officer
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