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  • Increase student engagement and participation in online courses

  • Save instructors time, empowering them to focus on teaching

  • Create an inclusive and accessible learning environment for all students

  • Now with ChatGPT integration to help write better discussion prompts!

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Why Harmonize?

You’ll have every tool you need for better online collaboration, all in one place to maximize student engagement and minimize frustration.

Increase student engagement

Increase student engagement

Encourage more frequent and thoughtful engagement with tools that bring students into the discussion.

Multimedia discussion tools help students contribute in ways that feel familiar and natural.  Milestones and notifications keep students on track and help them stay organized around instructors’ expectations for the class.

Promote social & inclusive learning

Create a social learning environment that is inclusive of diverse learners.

Fully accessible discussion options give students of all abilities a way to participate. Instructors can also run polls, set up small groups, or enable anonymous posting to include students who otherwise might not contribute.

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Save time for instructors

Eliminate tedious tasks and help instructors identify students who need support. From plagiarism detection and LMS gradebook integration to autograding, Harmonize saves hours of valuable time for instructors. Use engagement insights to see which students are excelling — and which ones are struggling.

A Full Suite of Online Discussion & Collaboration Tools

rich multimedia icon Rich Multimedia

Help students express themselves by posting images, video, audio, or text

student facilitation icon Student facilitation

Give students control of discussions with tools that encourage them to contribute.

student annotation icon Streamlined grading

Save time for instructors with LMS gradebook integration and autograding

flag icon Milestones

Help students see what’s expected of them, and when, so they make substantive, on-time contributions

chat bubble icon Chat

Enable students and instructors to communicate privately or in groups

polls icon Polls

Assess comprehension and knowledge with polls that engage the whole class

Q&A Boards icon Q&A boards

Let students answer each others’ questions with public boards

student annotation icon Annotations

Provide interactive feedback and help students engage more deeply with content

reactions & tagging icon Reactions & tagging

Improve participation with tools that bring everybody into the conversation

plagiarism detection icon Plagiarism detection

Integrate Harmonize with your plagiarism software to auto-detect unoriginal content

“Harmonize elevated our course discussion experiences for students. With a better look and features that keep students engaged, Harmonize is flexible, makes it easier for instructors to grade, and has the kind of built-in social engagement that increases student participation.”

James Foley Director for Digital Learning & Design at Brown University
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