Harmonize vs. Poll Everywhere

Both Harmonize and Poll Everywhere aim to increase student participation.

But what makes Harmonize a better solution?

A bigger, better toolset focused on discussion, collaboration and student engagement.

vs. Poll Everywhere 's single, synchronous polling tool
Discussion Forums
ChatGPT + Plagiarism Detection
PDF Annotation
Video Annotation
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A bigger toolset yields better results & easier content discovery

Harmonize’s full suite of online discussion & collaboration tools provides students and instructors with everything they need to have vibrant course discussions, including: polling, image, video & PDF  annotationchat, and Q&A. Content is structured naturally.

If you only want to use polling for large, in-person classes, and your students don’t often use an LMS, Poll Everywhere might be best for you. If you’re polling via Zoom/Teams, or your synchronous session are with students who are accustomed to being logged into the LMS or you’re more focused on asynchronous polling in your LMS, consider Harmonize.

Polling questions & results

Harmonize is primarily focused on multiple choice questions without a correct answer that are easily answerable without having to leave your LMS. The results automatically flow back into your gradebook.  So if you have a synchronous session, students can simply log into the LMS, find the module entry with the polling question and answer it. For virtual sessions, you can also leverage Harmonize for polls that are more crucial to the flow of the asynchronous class.

Poll Everywhere has a wider variety of polling types. The polls offer dynamic/live updating as users submit results, and polls can be strung together into a series where the user quickly navigates from one set of poll questions to the next. It takes poll results directly from a URL which is convenient when not all users are logged in to the LMS or when you have users who aren’t directly part of your class participating in the poll.

Chat and polls

Asynchronous polling

For gathering poll data asynchronous, Poll Everywhere requires you to embed a URL that the user clicks, leaving the LMS to submit their answer. Additionally, the polling results have to be embedded into an iframe on a LMS content page with a fixed width so both the taking and viewing of results is harder to deal with across device/screen types and requires more setup work by the instructor. Poll Everywhere also requires grade submission to the LMS to be manually triggered by the instructor in order for results of the polling to appear back in the LMS gradebook.

Harmonize polls can be interspersed with content so the polling questions can be purely data gathering or also used as content checks to make sure your users have consumed a piece of content. Harmonize submits the grade as soon as the student finishes participating in the poll.

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Harmonize's Ultimate Online Collaboration Toolkit

rich multimedia icon Rich multimedia

Help students express themselves by posting images, video, audio, or text

flag icon Milestones

Help students see what’s expected of them, and when, so they make substantive, on-time contributions

student annotation icon Streamlined grading

Save time for instructors with LMS gradebook integration and autograding

Student facilitation

Give students control of discussions with tools that encourage them to contribute.

reactions & tagging icon Reactions & tagging

Improve participation with tools that bring everybody into the conversation

Image, Video & PDF Annotations

Provide interactive feedback and help students engage more deeply with content

Plagiarism detection

Integrate Harmonize with your plagiarism software to auto-detect unoriginal content


Enable students and instructors to communicate privately or in groups


Assess comprehension, attendance, and knowledge with polls that engage the whole class

Q&A Boards icon Q&A boards

Let students answer each others’ questions with public boards

Harmonize integrates
with the tools you use today

Use Harmonize with any major LMS. Harmonize feels so familiar to instructors and students that there’s virtually no learning curve.
It’s simple to get started — Harmonize plugs right in!

To ensure academic integrity, Harmonize then integrates with the major plagiarism detection services, like Turnitin or Unicheck, to ensure that the students’ work is authentic.

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