Harmonize vs. VoiceThread

Harmonize provides a broad range of online learning tools to increase student engagement. VoiceThread focuses on video annotation.

So what makes Harmonize a better solution?

A bigger toolset focused on discussion, collaboration & student engagement all in one place.

vs. VoiceThread's single video tool
Discussion Forums
ChatGPT + Plagiarism Detection
PDF Annotation
Video Annotation
VoiceThread logo
Vibrant, multimedia grid-like discussion boards in Harmonize.

Premeditated vs spontaneous video annotation

Both Harmonize and VoiceThread allow for time-stamped commentary, including drawing on the screen for videos so students and instructors can react richly around video content, providing feedback at point-in-time context when it matters.

VoiceThread requires the instructor to choose the type of interaction expected from the student up front (create a video, comment on a video), where as Harmonize allows the video and image annotations tools to be available on any content uploaded at any time.

This offers more flexibility to utilize the tools as needed without having to mandate format ahead of time. An instructor can offer more student choice when deciding how to respond to an assignment.  If they choose video as one of the options, then the tools are available, but the students are free to respond in other ways permitted by the instructor.

Grading & rubrics

VoiceThread allows grading of student work but only with a numeric score, no additional commentary or substantive feedback is allowed. Rubrics are not an option.  This does not meet the federal guidelines for Substantive Interaction for instructors and students.

Harmonize centralizes all of the student work an instructor needs, including their commentary on other students’ work and how much of other students’ work have they read.  The instructor can then assign a numeric score but also can provide commentary. The same video creation and critique tools, as well as many many others, are available in the grading interface so the instructor has options at their fingertips to provide substantive feedback to the student about their work.

Harmonize allows the use of Canvas rubrics for grading as well, but this is only supported in Canvas.

Grid view

Live presentation of content

Apart from the video annotation features described above, VoiceThread allows gathering of multiple files and then lets the students talk through those files, while sharing them to create presentations of their content.

Harmonize allows the uploading of the same file types, but the recording mechanism doesn’t allow them to present the files as they’re recording their video. Those are done asynchronously, instead where the viewer must see the files and then listen to the video.

For this feature, Harmonize relies on third-party software like Zoom or Teams so you can share your screen to show files while recording and then uploading the recording for critique.

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Harmonize's Ultimate Online Collaboration Toolkit

rich multimedia icon Rich multimedia

Help students express themselves by posting images, video, audio, or text

flag icon Milestones

Help students see what’s expected of them, and when, so they make substantive, on-time contributions

student annotation icon Streamlined grading

Save time for instructors with LMS gradebook integration and autograding

Student facilitation

Give students control of discussions with tools that encourage them to contribute.

reactions & tagging icon Reactions & tagging

Improve participation with tools that bring everybody into the conversation

Image, Video & PDF Annotations

Provide interactive feedback and help students engage more deeply with content

Plagiarism detection

Integrate Harmonize with your plagiarism software to auto-detect unoriginal content


Enable students and instructors to communicate privately or in groups


Assess comprehension and knowledge with polls that engage the whole class

Q&A Boards icon Q&A boards

Let students answer each others’ questions with public boards

Harmonize integrates
with the tools you use today

Use Harmonize with any major LMS. Harmonize feels so familiar to instructors and students that there’s virtually no learning curve.
It’s simple to get started — Harmonize plugs right in!

To ensure academic integrity, Harmonize then integrates with the major plagiarism detection services, like Turnitin or Unicheck, to ensure that the students’ work is authentic.

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