Unizin + Harmonize Live Webcast

Better Data to Improve Student Engagement

The Unizin and Harmonize partnership helps institutions more easily deliver online learning experiences that boost student engagement and promote inclusive learning, while using data from these experiences to inform student success initiatives.


Join the University of Michigan, a Unizin member, on March 24, for a live webcast when they share how they’re using Harmonize to create engaging in-person, hybrid & online learning experiences.

increase student engagement
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“We decided to use Harmonize because we wanted to provide more collaborative and flexible learning tools for students. Plus, with Harmonize, we can see which students are progressing towards goals, which are actively participating, and which have dropped off in engagement. These kinds of insights help empower our instructors to trust and take action on their gut-feelings about which students are in trouble.”


Read on to see how this Unizin member built a more inclusive & engaging blended learning experience

emily ravenwood headshot Emily Ravenwood Manager, Academic Technology Consultants
Increased Interaction

Promote active learning 

Core to more effective online learning is a focus on increasing the interactions that support active learning. Fully accessible multimedia discussion tools give instructors more flexibility and help students contribute in ways that feel natural. Interactions become more frequent and dynamic as students engage more deeply with course material and each other.

  • Multimedia discussion boards
  • Q&A boards for asynchronous communication
  • 1:1 and group chats for real-time communication
  • Polls to ask students for collective feedback
Chat and polls

Provide clear guidance for students

Milestones and notifications keep students organized around instructors’ expectations for the class, including baseline requirements for how and when students should be interacting. Also known as multiple due dates, milestones:

  • Spur frequent participation
  • Eliminate the flood of last-minute posts and allow learners to reflect more deeply
  • Help learners track their progress within each assignment
  • Re-engage learners in the conversation
Assessment & Measurement

Streamlined grading for easy feedback

Help students track their learning progress with timely feedback from instructors—and support instructors with more efficient grading:

  • At-a-glance activity reporting that includes all the information instructors need to assess student performance
  • Image & video annotation to share meaningful feedback
  • Faster auto-grading and LMS gradebook integrations
  • Plagiarism detection integration to ensure originality
Promote social & inclusive learning
Supporting Diverse Learners

Easy, Accessible & Inclusive Tools

Providing learners with multiple ways to engage with content and each other is important if you want to enable participation. With rich, fully accessible multimedia tools for adding content and collaborating, you’ll ensure there’s a way for students of all abilities to be part of the conversation.

  • Easy-to-use multimedia discussion boards 
  • Auto-captioning and video/image annotation
  • Mobile-first with course material available 24/7 on any device
Monitoring Participation & Engagement

Engagement Insights

Harmonize’s Engagement Insights show instructors how much — and how well — students engage with course content and one another, providing instructors with better visibility into how students are engaging in their course so they can identify and support at-risk students. Engagement Insights are integrated into the Unizin Data Platform (UDP), driving more informed student success initiatives.


student engagement insights

increased student-to-student interactions online

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boosted student participation & collaboration

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developed richer learning opportunities

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A full suite of tools to enable meaningful interaction for online & blended learning.

Grid view

Gauge student engagement at a glance. The Harmonize layout makes it easy to see which conversations have the most engagement and what students are saying.

rich multimedia icon Rich multimedia

Why should students only be able to post text? Harmonize supports video, images, audio, and embedded URLs, so students can finally express themselves.

Q&A Boards icon Q&A

Let students answer each others’ questions. Leave Q&A boards up all term to avoid repeated questions and help students share information in one place.

polls icon Annotations

Adding annotations to content promotes peer-to-peer learning, richer instructor feedback, and deeper engagement with course material.

reactions & tagging icon Tagging

Pull students into the conversation by tagging them directly. Students and instructors have the ability to tag anybody in the class.


Keep students on task and help them meet deadlines with notifications. Add a custom notification for the whole class or individual students.

chat bubble icon Chat

Using Harmonize Chat, instructors and students can communicate in real time. It’s easy for students to see which classmates are online and begin a new chat.


Use polls to gauge understanding, assess students, or review content. You can even use a poll to take attendance. Run a poll on its own or add it to any discussion.


Students can use emojis to respond to their classmates. Reactions lower the barrier to responding to peers and help more students contribute.

Harmonize Seamlessly Integrates with Your LMS

You can use Harmonize with any major LMS. Harmonize feels so familiar to instructors and students that there’s virtually no learning curve.
It’s simple to get started — Harmonize plugs right in!

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