Respond to RSI with Confidence

Promote regular and substantive interaction with modern, collaborative tools students and instructors love.

increase student engagement

Facilitate & moderate online discussions

One RSI requirement is “facilitating a group discussion regarding the content of a course” — it’s almost like Harmonize was built for RSI! Multimedia discussion tools help students contribute in ways that feel natural. Milestones and notifications keep students organized around instructors’ expectations for the class — checking yet another box for RSI’s “predictable and scheduled” communications.

Chat and polls

Be responsive to students

RSI requires that instructors provide information or respond to questions about course content. With Harmonize, instructors and students can use a variety of tools to easily meet this requirement including:

  • Q&A boards for asynchronous communication
  • 1:1 chats for real-time communication
  • Polls to ask students for collective feedback that can be used to inform future instruction

Easily assess and provide feedback with streamlined grading

Another RSI guideline states that instructors must assess or provide feedback on a student’s coursework — and Harmonize makes it a cinch with:

  • Activity reporting with an at-a-glance dashboard that includes all the information instructors need to assess student performance
  • Image & video annotation to share meaningful feedback
  • Auto-grading with LMS gradebook integrations
  • Plagiarism detection integration to ensure the originality of student work
student engagement insights feature

Monitor student engagement

RSI isn’t just about creating interactions, but also monitoring them. One RSI requirement states that instructors must monitor a student’s academic success and proactively engage with a student when needed. Harmonize’s Engagement Insights show instructors how much — and how well — students engage with course content and one another. These tools make it easy for instructors to see when a student is at risk and proactively take action. 

Check Every Box for RSI Guidelines with Harmonize

Provide direct instruction
Assess or provide feedback on a student’s coursework
Provide info or respond to questions about the content of a course/competency
Facilitate a group discussion regarding the content of a course/competency
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Download the RSI Resource Kit

A full suite of tools built to make creating regular & substantive interactions effortless.

Grid view

Gauge student engagement at a glance. The Harmonize layout makes it easy to see which conversations have the most engagement and what students are saying.

rich multimedia icon Rich multimedia

Why should students only be able to post text? Harmonize supports video, images, audio, and embedded URLs, so students can finally express themselves.

Q&A Boards icon Q&A

Let students answer each others’ questions. Leave Q&A boards up all term to avoid repeated questions and help students share information in one place.

polls icon Annotations

Adding annotations to content promotes peer-to-peer learning, richer instructor feedback, and deeper engagement with course material.

reactions & tagging icon Tagging

Pull students into the conversation by tagging them directly. Students and instructors have the ability to tag anybody in the class.


Keep students on task and help them meet deadlines with notifications. Add a custom notification for the whole class or individual students.

chat bubble icon Chat

Using Harmonize Chat, instructors and students can communicate in real time. It’s easy for students to see which classmates are online and begin a new chat.


Use polls to gauge understanding, assess students, or review content. You can even use a poll to take attendance. Run a poll on its own or add it to any discussion.


Students can use emojis to respond to their classmates. Reactions lower the barrier to responding to peers and help more students contribute.

Harmonize Seamlessly Integrates with Your LMS

You can use Harmonize with any major LMS. Harmonize feels so familiar to instructors and students that there’s virtually no learning curve.
It’s simple to get started — Harmonize plugs right in!

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West Virginia University

“Harmonize has not only impacted student-to-student interaction, but it has also opened the door for students to interact with their instructors and vice versa. Students and instructors can seamlessly carry on rich conversations about any course topic…resulting in more meaningful and engaging discussions between students and instructors.”

Michelle Korgeski Instructional Designer, West Virginia University