AI-Generated Writing Detection

Maintain Originality & Academic Integrity

Harmonize will leverage its integration with Turnitin to detect AI writing, including text produced by ChatGPT.

Harmonize Turnitin Integration

Ensure every post is original work

Use Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities in Harmonize to identify text produced by ChatGPT and other AI platforms. AI writing detection capabilities are integrated into your Harmonize workflow for a seamless experience — automatically running checks on every discussion submission, without having to leave their LMS environment or make any additional software installations. The first iteration of Turnitin’s AI writing detection technology has been trained to detect large language models including ChatGPT and other AI writing tool variants. Turnitin plans to expand detection capabilities in the future. Detection capability will work only for long-form writing in English at this time.

Set students up for success

When a student submits their discussion posts in Harmonize, it’s automatically sent to Turnitin, providing them with visibility into any potential issues so they can address them proactively — and that includes AI detected writing. Access to Turnitin’s AI writing detection capability will be included as part of the initial Turnitin license, and available to the majority of Turnitin customers across the following products: Turnitin Feedback Studio, Turnitin Feedback Studio with Originality, Turnitin Originality, Turnitin Similarity, Simcheck, Originality Check, and Originality Check+.

I love using Harmonize for my online discussions because it helps me create engaging and inclusive learning environments that foster critical thinking and creativity. And now with Turnitin’s new AI detector integrated with Harmonize, I can address any AI-generated text students might submit immediately… this integration lets me have a discussion with my students before they submit their work, giving them the opportunity to uphold the student code of conduct. It’s a win-win situation.

Heather Brown Headshot Heather Brown Senior Instructional Designer at Tidewater Community College

A full suite of discussion & annotation tools to build better online learning environments

Grid view

Gauge student engagement at a glance. The Harmonize layout makes it easy to see which conversations have the most engagement and what students are saying.

flag icon Milestones

Lend structure to your course experience. Milestones help students see what’s expected of them, and when, so they make substantive, on-time contributions.

rich multimedia icon Rich multimedia

Why should students only be able to post text? Harmonize supports video, images, audio, and embedded URLs, so students can finally express themselves.

Q&A Boards icon Q&A

Let students answer each others’ questions. Leave Q&A boards up all term to avoid repeated questions and help students share information in one place.

polls icon PDF, Image & Video Annotations

Adding annotations to content promotes peer-to-peer learning, richer instructor feedback, and deeper engagement with course material.

reactions & tagging icon Tagging

Pull students into the conversation by tagging them directly. Students and instructors have the ability to tag anybody in the class.


Keep students on task and help them meet deadlines with notifications. Add a custom notification for the whole class or individual students.

chat bubble icon Chat

Using Harmonize Chat, instructors and students can communicate in real time. It’s easy for students to see which classmates are online and begin a new chat.


Use polls to gauge understanding, assess students, or review content. You can even use a poll to take attendance. Run a poll on its own or add it to any discussion.


Students can use emojis to respond to their classmates. Reactions lower the barrier to responding to peers and help more students contribute.