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Money & Staffing Challenges

The Cost of Manual Instructional Design at Scale

Imagine a world where every discussion prompt was crafted based on sound instructional design strategies and had a grading rubric attached so you could set clear expectations for students. You’d have more participation, equitable grading, and turn boring course discussions into engaging learning activities. But the hurdles to getting there without Harmonize:

  • Requiring ALL instructors meet with an Instructional Designer

  • Hiring more Instructional Design to handle the load

  • Rushing to finish before courses need a rebuild

Those challenges are a thing of the past. We’re using ChatGPT so you can have engaging discussion prompts more quickly, effectively and at scale. Read about our integration here.

What used to require an army, now takes a few clicks. Calculate your savings below!
Scale Instructional Design

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Leveraging Online Discussions to Build Connections in Writing Courses

When Harmonize introduced the ChatGPT feature integrated with Bloom’s Taxonomy, I tried it immediately and was favorably impressed. The platform reduces my cognitive load tremendously and allows me to use my critical thinking skills for more demanding issues. I love it! I purport this tool is not just for discussions but a robust application that can help create relevant and rigorous assignments for any course.

Dr. Kelley Gonzales Associate Vice President | Technology -- Meridian Community College
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